Time spent outdoors is never wasted. Every time I paint I try to capture the atmosphere of places I visit and love.

Painting has always been something that I love to do. As a small child when asked I would say I wanted to be an artist when I grew up. I grew up near Leeds, and I went to York College to do a Foundation Course in Art & Design and then on to Manchester Polytechnic (BA Hons Fine Art) in 1991. At the time I did conceptual art but I still used my painting skills in it. After graduating I then had to make a decision to either move to London to do the conceptual work or do something else. The city is not for me so I did the opposite. I went to live in the Yorkshire Dales. I was intrigued and inspired by the area and I created landscapes to sell at local fairs at events in York. Things grew from there and in time I was doing solo shows at National Trust properties and Bowes Museum. I now live and work in the North York Moors National Park and continue to develop my landscape painting originals. Each time I finish a new one it is added on here Etsy. This is my gallery space now - and the prints are only available from me directly on Etsy.
Original paintings are being shown online on this website with an option to purchase an original. The prices for originals reflect the time taken and the fact that they are collectable and unique. Prices start from £1000 - £5000. Prints range from £22 - £100

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